How to write email to investor about company revenue

How to write email to investor about company revenue
2020-04-26 20:30:44 +0000 UTC

The best founders and CEOs write the best company revenue updates to their investors on a regular basis. Whether the company revenue update email you are sending is good or bad, you’re going to have to do it to maintain transparency among investors.

But writing the company revenue update email to investors could be daunting, unless you have a specific format that you can follow, or you use a tool like North.

What are company revenue update emails#

This is a regular revenue update email that CEOs send their investors or other stakeholders to track progress. Usually, we have seen CEOs or CTOs draft the company updates at the end of every month, but you decide the best time to send the emails.

The stakeholders could vary as well. Whether you are sending the company revenue update email to investors or board members or with the company or with your close team members, you should follow a format to keep your overheads low.

How to write company revenue update to investors or other stakeholders#

Writing to your investors can be daunting. But for many, this is a misconception. All that your company revenue update email should include is simple:

  1. What was your target for this month
  2. Did you achieve the target this month
  3. Reasons (how you achieved the target or why you did not achieve the target)
  4. What’s the roadmap for next week

You should know this before writing your company revenue update email#

It’s simple. Here are some points you should remember before writing the revenue update email:

  1. Make sure you format the email properly;
  2. Points are always better than paragraphs;
  3. Make sure you add a TLDR section; helps a ton of people;
  4. Give reasons without sugarcoating; investors are smarter than we think;
  5. Finally, do not go beyond bold, and underline when it comes to formatting your email;

Here’s a sample email template that you can copy and past to write company revenue update to investors and other stakeholders:

Hi ,

‌Targets we set for APR2020

APR2020 Snapshot What worked:

  • SAMPLE: Achieved 8% user growth;
  • SAMPLE: Achieved $21m in MRR; What we missed:
  • SAMPLE: Email marketing campaign;
  • SAMPLE: Rate of bug fixes went down due to complexity;

MAY2020 Targets

  • SAMPLE: Achieve $21m in MRR;
  • SAMPLE: Convert 20% of leads via email marketing;

I hope this helps. As always, looking forward to your feedback. Any mode of acknowledgment would greatly help me run the company better; Have a great day;

APR 2020 Snapshots Achievements

This should cut it for your investors. It is simple, to the point and it just works;

What should you do after sending the revenue update email#

Follow-up; we take many things for granted. We automatically assume that a person would read the email after you send it. Doesn’t work all the time.

Instead, make sure you follow-up with your investors asking for some inputs. All you need is a little acknowledgment from your stakeholders about the revenue update. Getting an acknowledgment will help you with two things:

  1. You know they have read it;
  2. You automatically get inputs from others to help you improve;

Is there any tool for sending company revenue updates to investors?#

Yes. Just sign up for North, and you are all set. Comes with real-time collaboration, read-receipts, acknowledgments and 1000s of integrations;

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